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When I Look In the Mirror?

It’s not easy talking about dying. The author shares both humorous and serious stories about why it is important to write down your final wishes. Death is unavoidable. Put your mind at ease knowing you have taken care of your business which provides some comfort to those that will be left behind. It matters not if you're cremated or desire a traditional burial, "Somebody Has Got to DO IT".

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Hello, I'm booker ml and I'm very passionate about helping others to prepare their loved ones and friends before the act of Death occurs. It makes perfectly good sense for three reasons below:

1). Economically sound and Saves money 
2). Relieves unecessary Stress now and later
3). Omits guessing of your requests 

I carefully wrote this Novella, with less than 30 pages, to provoke your thinking. Don't let the word Death startle you, it's small book of treasures which will help you organize your thoughts.

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Don't just read the book, TAKE ACTION. Final Wishes Questionnaire allows you to securely write down your wishes for safe keeping. Kompassionate Komfort Karing Konnector referred as 4Ks.

We can document Last Will and Testament and other important documents needed to handle your affairs. 

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