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Hello my name is Lynette Booker and I am the author of "It's Not About Me, It's About Them" and owner of 4Ks a Pre-Death planning service. In sensitive times words are softly spoken or not spoken at all. We don't know what to say for a small measure of time.

4Ks Services is the acronym for Kompassionate Komfort Karing Konnector an all-inclusive Pre-Death planning service with a personal touch. I understand this subject may be difficult for some but the process is a MUST now or later.

There are two components of 4Ks Services.  First, The Final Wishes Questionnaire, is a user-friendly interactive database that allows the user to document important information to assist the designated person in the execution of the desires of the deceased. Secondly, a short read book "It's Not About Me, It's About Them". This book asks and answers your questions about Final Wishes.

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Final Wishes Questionnaire 


TAKE ACTION TODAY. The Final Wishes Questionnaire is a useful tool that will walk through all of steps needed when thinking about yourself and others when decisions seem most difficult. Modify as needed and securely store information on your device or the device provided by 4Ks. 

We can provide Last Will and Testament, Directives, and other important documents needed to handle your affairs. 

4Ks Services provided everything I needed. 

Her name is Margaret and she lost her husband suddenly in April 2021 after 14 years of marriage.

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4Ks assists a family in FLORIDA.

Can you spare 30 minutes to answer a few QUESTIONS? 

When I Look In the Mirror?

It’s not easy talking about dying. The author shares both humorous and serious stories about why it is important to write down your final wishes. Death is unavoidable. Put your mind at ease knowing you have taken care of your business which provides some comfort to those that will be left behind. It matters not if you're cremated or desire a traditional burial, "Somebody Has Got to DO IT".

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